Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 Message
Posted on : 24 Dec 2018  Source of News: Astana Negeri Sarawak

H. E. Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak

Tun Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud

Christmas 2018


New Year 2019 Message


As the Near Year is coming and the spirit of the Yuletide is already in the air, I wish to offer my traditional message of Merry Christmas and Happy and joyous tiding to all Malaysians in Sarawak.

The season of Christmas is also the time for us to reflect on our performance as we herald the New Year.  We take great pride that Sarawak has been able to achieve the present level of development, which reflects the resilience and the strength of the people, our social unity and political stability.

The people in Sarawak, through they comprise about 30 ethnic groups and diverse religious beliefs and have very colorful backgrounds have a long tradition of living in peace and harmony with each other.  They respect each other religions including Christianity with its universal value of peace to the world and peace and goodwill among Mankind. Therefore, it is not a surprise that we are often being referred to as a model of friendly and harmonious society.

The people, regardless of their ethnic origins and or religious beliefs interact very well among them beginning from their days in schools to their places of work.

Generally, they have reached a level of interaction that can build a community to achieve greater peace, prosperity and harmony and happiness for the members ahead to keep Sarawak’s harmonious and peaceful way of life.

As we enter into a more challenging phase of the development, which entails an economic transformation of the State towards a high income economy, it is imperative that the people must keep abreast with the major challenges ahead.

As we know Sarawak is operating in a world, which is highly dynamic and volatile, that demands the State to continuously broaden economic base, enhance knowledge, upgrade skills, be more efficient, productive and innovative in order to sustain and remain competitive.

Therefore, we must remain pervasive in the culture of good governance and uphold the highest level of integrity. At the same time, we must be agile and vigilant in facing the emerging external challenges arising from the global and regional competitions and the increasing volatility in the world economy.

In this connection, the people must continue to give their undivided support to the Government to ensure that all the projects under the Rural Transformation Initiatives, the Pan Borneo Highway Project and those through SCORE are being implemented and completed on schedule.

The continual efforts in rural development should be able to open up greater opportunities for the economic prosperity of the rural community. It should also provide more good facilities and amenities for young people to develop their talent and to promote greater innovation and entrepreneurship among them in the era of digital economy.

Generally, the State is looking ahead to the year 2030 not only to attain the status of a developed state with high income economy but to achieve greater prosperity for the people, who are living in small groups over a wide area throughout the length and breadth of the State.

During this occasion, let us remind ourselves of positive development and preserve the good relationship between all the ethnic and religious groups in the State and country.  Merry Christmas and May God the Almighty continue to protect us. 

I also take this opportunity to wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all Malaysians. May the New Year bring the State to the higher level of development and progress as planned and may the people continue to live in prosperity and achieve greater success in whatever fields of their endeavours.


Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019.