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Sarawak State Ministries

Ministry of Land Development                                          

Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture               

Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communications       

Ministry of Social Development and Urbanization

Ministry of Rural Development   

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Ministry of Industrial Development

Ministry of Environment and Public Health                       

Ministry of Planning and Resource Management

Ministry of Tourism and Heritage                                     

Ministry of Public Utilities                                                  


Sarawak State Departments

Public Works Department of Sarawak                              

Land and Survey Department Sarawak               

Department of Agriculture Sarawak                                 

Forest Department Sarawak                                            

Social Welfare Department of Sarawak               

State Legislative Assembly                                              

State Security Unit


Sarawak State Statutory Bodies

Sarawak Economic Development Corporation                                           

Land Custody and Development Authority                       

Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority            

Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation

Natural Resources and Environment Board                     

Kuching Port Authority

Miri Port Authority                                                            

Rejang Port Authority                                          

Kuching Water Board                                                       

Sibu Water Board                                                            

Sarawak Foundation     

Sarawak Tourism Board


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